Thursday, December 22, 2016

Chatty Girl Intro

Well, here we go.

This will be quite an interesting endeavor. I like blogs. I like reading blogs. I've always thought about starting my own, and here I am looking for a way to pass time during my winter break from my sophomore year in college... Thus, this blog is born.

A little bit about me and what you may see here: I like history. Scratch that, I LOVE history, mostly American history. I love presidents, but I'll stay clear of political rampages and just focus on presidential history. I love clothes. I read so many fashion blogs. I'm a born and raised California girl with an unusually preppy, New England style. I like books. Mostly nonfiction and a lot of biographies, but I'm beginning to get more and more into fiction. I love music. I love musicals and I love oldies. My Spotify literally has playlists of Paul McCartney mixed with Stephen Sondheim.

I think those will be my main topics, along with random musings about my life. Sounds pretty boring, I know. I guess this is a personal blog in the sense that I don't think I'm looking for tons of readers. I'm not looking for followers or internet fame. I'm an introverted girl with a lot of ideas/thoughts that I think I'd like to have a platform (of sorts) to talk about them. I cannot think of a solid reason as to why I'm making this blog other than I enjoy blogs and I think what I would enjoy even more would be having my own.

If you choose to take this journey with me, then welcome! I hope you enjoy my wild ramblings!

Talk soon,